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Make no concessions on style or trends... This could be Worcelder's precept. Actually, the band is not providing restrictively old-school metal, without any search of originality. Worselder rather proposes a music at the crossroads of many influences, quite impossible to label.

Worselder was born in 2008, at the foothills of the French Pyrénées mountains. The band quickly created a unique sound signature, melting the influences of its members : to the 90's heavy-thrash and power metal roots, Worselder adds the power and weight of current metal trends, such as stoner or metalcore. The vocals underline the mixing of styles, using alternatively heavy lyrical lines, death growls and hardcore powerful singing.

The band is deeply and proudly committed to its pyrenean roots : it influences the atmospheres of its music, which can be alternatively dark and optimistic, with lyrics marked with topical and social events, as well as historical references.

After a first demo in 2010 ("Where we come from"), Worselder recorded in 2014 a three titles EP "MMXIV", which was widely praised by critics.

At the same time, Worselder started to work with Ellie Promotion, which became the band's regular Management end Promotion structure.

The first album, "Paradigms Lost", was recorded at the band's studio LE SAS in 2016, then mixed and mastered by Bruno Varéa at Upload Studio (well known for his work with Dagoba, Blazing War Machine, Hardbanger...). The album was released in june 2017 and received elogious reviews in the international metal press (being in particular selected as Discovery of the month in June 2017 by Rock Hard magazine). "Paradigms Lost" was distributed worldwide by label Sliptrick Records.

Between 2018 and 2020, Worselder widely promoted the album on the french scenes, sharing the stage with bands like Firewind, Dagoba, Black Bomb A, Huntres... as well as playing numerous shows as headliners.

Delayed for a time, due to the pandemic, the production of the second album started in 2020. Recorded, mixed and mastered again by Bruno Varéa at Garage Inc. and Upload studios, this new album, named "REDSHIFT", offers a more direct and agressive music than its predecessor, with pure concide modern heavy-thrash. REDSHIFT songs are clearly built for stage !

"REDSHIFT" was released on 2023/02/17, and its reception by the press and the public exceeds the band's expectations. The album is promoted by Ellie Promotion and distributed by Season Of Mist Distribution.

WORSELDER are (from left to right) :

Yoric OLIVERAS (guitars) - Guillaume GRANIER (vocals) - Yannick FERNANDEZ (bass and backing vocals) - Jérémie DELATTRE (guitars) - Michel MARCQ (drums)

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