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Make no concessions on style or trends... This could be Worcelder's precept. But when the band could just offer old school metal, with no search of originality, Worselder rather proposes a music at the crossroads of many influences, quite impossible to label.

Worselder was bors in 2008, at the foothills of the French Pyrénées mountains. The band quickly created a unique sound signature, melting the influences of its members and the complex styles of their previous bands : to the 90's heavy-thrash and power metal roots, Worselder adds the punch and weight of actual metal rythms. The vocals underline the mixing of styles, by alternating heavy lyrical lines, death guturals and hardcore phrasing.

The band is deeply and proudly committed to its pyrenean roots : it influences the atmospheres of its music, which is both dark and optimistic, with lyrics marked with topical events, as well as historical references.

After a first autoproduced album in 2010 ("Where we come from"), Worselder recorded in 2014 a three titles EP "MMXIV", which was widely praised by critics, and allowed Worselder to open shows for bands like Firewind, Dagoba, Black Bomb A, Huntres... as well as playing numerous shows as headliners.

At the fall of 2015, Worselder started the pre-production of its second album "PARADIGMS LOST". It was recorded in the band's private studio from January to June 2016. The mixing and mastering were realized at Upload Studio (Montpellier, France) by Bruno Varea (well known for his work with Dagoba, Blazing War Machine, Lenny Kravitz...).

"PARADIGMS LOST" is certainly Worselder's most accomplished work to date : the writing is, of course, characteristic of the typical sound of the band, but also more mature than previous releases, with thoughtful lyrics. The album's title and artwork are an evident reference to the history of the Cathar heretics (which proves once again the attachment of the band to its roots), but the development of this thematic goes further... Not being a concept album stricly speaking, "PARADIGMS LOST" explores all the progress ideals that humans wasted, due to religious, political or financial considerations.

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